What happens if Video and Slide refer to the same source

You can use the same source for Slides as well as Video at the same time. Imagine a scenario where you want to capture the Screen as video during a presentation. The selected source will be captured as video and scaled to the resolution as shown in the top right corner of the video preview. 

The behaviour of the Slide capturing depends on your preferrences. By default no slides are captured. You can change this option under Capture.

- Use Blank Slide; default, will insert 1 black slide.
- Capture last video frame; take 1 slide of the previous video source, e.g. the presenter.
- Capture slides; keep capturing slides as normal. This might result in many slides.
- Insert 1 image of choice; use browse to select an image (max. 1024x768 pixels).

Do not forget to Update before you leave.


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