Video Sources

Video Sources

In the Video Sources tab, you can add four different devices such as cameras, images and screen sources.

Screen By default, your monitor is set as video/slide source. In you are capturing the screen of an external PC with the use of a VGA grabber device (Pro only), you might want to delete this video source to prevent mistakes during recording.
Click to add Use this button to add a new video/slide source.
Name The name will be used to display in the source buttons. Long names will be truncated.
Video Source There are three types of video sources; Video device, Screen and Picture file. The configuration options depend on the selected type and will be explained below.
Update To commit your changes you need to click the Update button.


Video Device

If you selected the Video Device source type, you will see the following configuration options.

Video Device The dropdown box will show you the available video sources. Select your source to continue. Use the properties button to configure the device driver settings.
Video Input In case your device has multiple modes you can select the appropriate mode such as Composite, S-Video, Tuner, HDMI etc.
Video Size Video sources can often deliver various output resolutions. In case the default device resolution is to high (performance) or to low (foggy video), you might want to choose a fixed resolution offered by the device.
Video subtype If supported by the device, you can select a different subtype such as I420, RGB24 etc.
Analog Video Standard If supported by the device, you can select the video standard such as PAL, NTSC, SECAM.



If the Screen source type is selected, you will see the following configuration option.

Screen number In case you have multiple monitors configured, you can select the screen you want to capture.

Picture File

If the source type Picture File is selected, you will see the following configuration option.

File path Click the browse button and select an image of choice. Images used as video source will be stretched into 4:3 or 16:9 resolution (image should be smaller than 1024x768).
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