Metadata Presets

This tab is used to define the first slide of a recording. The effect of your settings can be seen under Project Info using the preview button.

Metadata Presets

Language Change the language of the metadata fields. The language settings of the application buttons can be found under General | Settings.
Font Set font family and font size of the abstract, date/time and contributor.
Font Color Set the font color.
Title Font Set font family and font size of the Title.
Font Title Color Set the font color of the Title.


Slide Template

These settings are used to create the opening slide of a recording. You can select your own background image. The metadata will be printed into the resulting opening slide. To preview your settings, go to Project Info and select Preview.

Left Margin To determine a left margin in pixels.
Right Margin To determine a right margin in pixels.
Top Margin To determine a top margin in pixels.
Bottom Margin To determine a bottom margin in pixels.
Vertical Line Space Set the space between lines in points.
Browse Select a new background image for the opening slide.
Update Click Update after you save your changes.
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