Projection Info

This tab is used to set your metadata and publication settings. You do not need to enter metadata before you start a recording. You can add or change metadata fields during a recording.


Publishing settings

Live Broadcast Check this box if you are connected to a Presentations 2Go Videoserver and want to broadcast your presentation live (Pro only).
Publish when finished You can automatically publish your recording to a Presentations 2Go Videoserver if you check this option. Publishing will proceed in the background while the application is running (Pro only).
Monitor Audio If you have a headphone connected, check this box if you want to listen to the recorded audio stream.
Duration This value determines the length of a recording. The recording will automatically stop when this time period has elapsed.
Start Delay You can delay the start of a recording in order to close some windows or warn the presenter.
Auto create tagging session Enable this setting for the encoder to create a unique Session ID. The session ID is needed for live tagging via the Presentations 2Go Videoserver..




The metadata will be used at various places. First of all, the first slide of a recording shows part of the metadata. The metadata is also shown in the Presentations 2Go Videoserver Catalogue, Search, RSS feeds and OAI service.

Title Type in your presentations title.
Location Enter a location
Abstract Enter a summary
Keywords You may enter multiple comma-separated keywords.
Recording type The recording types are updated from the Presentations 2Go Videoserver each time you start the application.
Subject area Subject areas are updated from the Presentations 2Go Videoserver each time you start the application (Pro only).
Accessibility Accessibility determines who is allowed to watch your recording. Available groups are updated from the Videoserver each time you start the application (Pro only).
Tagging session ID This session ID is used to create a unique Live tagging session on the Presentations 2Go videoserver. Live tagging enables the audience to make notes/comments on their mobile device or note-, netbooks. During playback these notes will pop-up in the player.Set your tagging sessions to private to disallow making public notes. Now the audience can only make private notes.
Contributor You may enter multiple contributors and roles. The roles are synchronized with the Presentations 2Go videoserver each time the application is restarted (Pro only).
Update Use the update button after changing the metadata fields to store your changes. An update during a live broadcast will also immediately update the metadata in the live broadcast.
Preview Use the preview button to see the final result of the first slide. You can change font and font size on Metadata Presets tab.
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