On this tab you can see the status of your recordings. If Publish when finished is selected under General | Project Info (Pro only) and the server settings under Publish |server are set correctly (Pro only), recordings will be published automatically to the Presentations 2Go Videoserver. You can however also publish recordings or export recordings manually.


Publish Click publish and browse to your recordings directory. Select Video_post.wmv and proceed with open. Change the metadata and continue with Publish.
Cancel Publishing Publishing jobs that might be running in the background can be aborted. You can manually publish the recordings at a later time.
Repair In case the post processing was interrupted you can attempt to repair your recording. Browse to your corrupted recording and select video.wmv.
Export Use this option to export your recording directory into a single RichMedia file.
Import Import Presentations 2Go RichMedia recordings. After an import you can publish the imported recording.
Open Use this button to open the recordings directory to preview your recordings.


Tip: Click on a job to open the specific recording.

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