Slide Settings

The slide settings tab is the only tab in the Capture menu.

Slide Output Size The resolution of the selected source is used by default. However, if you switch slides sources during a recording, you might want to force a fixed output resolution. In case you mix 4:3 with 16:9 sources the resulting slide will be scaled to the selected aspect ratio.
Default JPEG Quality The quality of the JPEG will determine the file size of each slide. Default the resolution is set to 95% (high quality). Text will become less sharp if you decrease the quality.
When Video Source = Slide Source

This selection box gives you the opportunity to influence the behaviour of slide capturing when both the video source and the slide source are the same.

If you select:

Use Blank Slide; no slides are captured.

Capture Last Video Frame; the first and the last frame are captured during your slide source video capturing.

Capture Slides; slides continue to be captured, resulting in a large amount of slides.

Use This Image File; you are given the opportunity to select a static image while capturing your slide source as video.

Use Color The motion detection is done using a greyscale version of the selected slide source by default. However, it is also possible to select one or more color channels. Slide detection with multiple color channels will increase your processor load.
Use Grey Scale The motion detection is done using a greyscale version of the selected slide source by default. .
No Motion delay No Motion delay is used to prevent excessive slide capturing during PowerPoint slide transitions or effects. No slides are captured if the slide is not stable for more than the selected amount of milliseconds.
Frame Rate Motion detection is a processor intensive process (CPU) . You can set the amount of frames per second to detect to avoid excessive processor usage.
Sensitivity Sensitivity determines the amount of color changes needed to capture a new slide. This value is set to 5 by default.
Grid Size The grid size determines the block size. A large grid size divides the slide source in smaller blocks resulting in a higher sensitivity for motion changes (e.g. mouse movement).
Reduce Video noise This function reduces noise in the slide source. However, it requires high processing power (CPU).
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