Server settings


This tab configures the publication settings with a Presentations 2Go Videoserver. You can configure each field yourself. However, the easiest way to configure your settings is using the Get Addresses method.

Get Addresses


  • Give your encoder a convenient name. This name is also published on the Presentations 2Go Video server website.
  • Ask your system administrator for the Encoder Service Address and port and fill in these fields.
  • Commit your settings with Update.
  • Now click on Get Addresses to automatically configure your settings from the Presentations 2Go videoserver.
  • Commit your new settings again with Update.


Encoder Name The encoder name is used in the publication path of the recordings (URL). This will also be the name of the live publishing point by default.
Encoder Listen Port The Encoder Listen Port is used for remote control of the encoder. Scheduling and Creston/AMX integration make use of this port.
Encoder Service Usually the service address for publishing will be the same as the server address. The default port used is 443.
Server Address & Port The DNS name of your Presentations 2Go Videoserver. You do not need to enter the protocol (http://).
Encoder Service Address & Port Usually the service address for publishing will be the same as the server address. Default port used is 443.
Communication Buffer Size The communication buffer size determines the block size during publishing. Low values will give better results on slow connections l.
Tagging Service URL This service enables the automatic creation of the tagging Session ID.
Streaming Server Address The DNS name of your Presentations 2Go streaming server. You do not need to enter the protocol (mms://)
Live Recording Publishing Point The name of your Live TV channel in the Presentations 2Go Videoserver. This is usually the same as the encoder name.
Broadcast Method The method to Live broadcast. Using Push, you can stream cross firewalls. However, an interrupted live stream is not automatically recovered at the clientside. When using Pull, the encoder device needs to be in the same network (IP range) as the Presentations 2Go Videoserver. The server needs to be able to connect to the encoder device.
Test connection You can test the settings to your Presentations 2Go Videoserver before updating.
Get Addresses Use this button for automatic configuration of your server settings. First provide an Encoder Name and Encoder Service Address. Commit these settings with Update. Then click Get Addresses and commit with Update again.
Update To commit your changes you need to click the Update button.
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