Digitus/Startech USB 2821 grabber

The drivers distributed with the Digitus/Startech USB2821 audio/video grabber where last updated in 2010.

Some users reported problems in Windows 7 after some windows updates.

We found that these might be caused by outdated drivers. Since Digitus and Startech don't update the drivers anymore (both use the same chipset from Empia Technbologies) we found that it might be better to uninstall these drivers and use the stardard windows drivers supplied by Microsoft.


To fix this you first need to uninstall the old drivers from Programs and Features in the Control panel.

After uninstalling you are prompted to reboot the PC. Once the PC starts up it will try to install the drivers from Windows Update instead.

This however not always is sufficient to fix the drivers. So go to My Computer/Properties/Device Manager and locate the USB 2821 audio and video device in Sound, video and game controllers. Right click your mouse on the USB2821 devices and choose uninstall. When both are uninstalled, reboot the PC again.

When everything is configured correctly you should see a "USB 2821 Device" and a "PCTV EMP Audio Device".

Afterwards you need to reconfigure the audio and video device in the Presentations 2Go Encoder application.

Since these USB grabbers don't support hardware de-interlacing, you should also configure software de-interlacing in the Presentations 2Go Encoder application in the General/Settings tab and select "full".

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