My slides have black bars

In some occasions you have captured slides with black bars on the left or right side. This happens when the slide capture source is in a 16:9 resolution, but the powerpoint presentation was not adjusted for widescreen presentations. This is normal PowerPoint behavior, however it can easily be fixed before you publish.



  One of my favorite tools is Microsoft Office Picture Manager, since it is available on most desktops and has been bundled with Office since many versions.


  • Click on Add Picture Shortcut
  • Navigate to the Slides folder (inside the images folder)
  • Select all images that need to be cropped
  • Click on Edit Pictures
  • Now select Crop
  • Set the new image selection for all selected images 
  • Commit with OK
  • Use File | Save All to save all images at once. 


  •  Repeat these steps in the thumb folder.

Now you are ready to publish the recording with the Presentations 2Go encoder.


  • You can also perform other changes in bulk. Like White balance correction (Color | Enhance color | Click on a white area). Flip horizontal or vertical, rotate etc.
  • Only save your results AFTER you have performed ALL actions.



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