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    Bandwidth, Bitrate and Resolutions


    Presentations 2Go Encoder and Editor use Windows Media Encoding profiles (*.wme) to control the bandwidth, quality and resolution of the recording. The default profile provided with the installer is optimized for watching live recordings at home. Therefor the video bandwidth is limited to 660 kbps. Audio is limited to 32 kbps.  These settings will give you good results for 640x480 or 640x360 video resolutions.

    However, in case you want to make recordings for local playback (increase the bitrate) or HD resolutions (increase resolution and bitrate), you need to adjust the wme profile to you needs.

    Wme profiles are best edited with the Windows Media Encoder software (see downloads below). In the Presentations 2Go encoder you can edit (open) or change the wme profile (browse) under General | Settings

    In the Presentations 2Go Editor you can change the profile with Configuration | Settings.







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