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    Which methods are available for custom integration of Presentations 2Go products


    Presentations 2Go has various methods to integrate and exchange data with other systems.

    Web API

    Presentations 2Go web API will be implemented as normal web request to Catalogue.aspx with combination of two or more the following query string as arguments: “action”, “query”, “lang”, “size”, and “page” and it will return JSON formatted string as response. Presentations 2Go web API can be requested for information about Presentations 2Go server like videos count, available languages, etc. There is advanced search feature in Presentations 2Go catalogue that allows user to search by using some predefined criteria like title, contributor, etc. 

    SOAP interface for user and group import in Presentations 2Go Video server

    The following functions have been implemented

    1. GetUserCount
    2. GetUsers
    3. GetDeletedUserCount
    4. GetDeletedUsers
    5. GetGroups
    6. GetDeletedGroupCount
    7. GetDeletedGroups

    Encoder Remote Control API

    Presentations2Go Encoder Pro can be remotely controlled via an XML command set. The encoder listens to commands sent via TCP/IP on a configurable port (defaults to 500). There are commands to control, configure and get status information from the Encoder. To be able to control the encoder, the controlling unit needs to be able to send xml commands via TCP/IP in a NetworkStream format. 


    More information

    You can find detailed information and Open Source code samples at http://upgrade.presentations2go.eu/p2g.api

    Detailed Information can be requested via support@presentations2go.eu


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