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    Thank you for choosing Presentations 2Go ! 

    At Presentations 2Go, product function and quality are our top priority.
    We make every effort to ensure that our products exceed our clients' expectations.
    Regulary contact with our customers ensure product performance and reliablility.
    We strive to continually enhance our products to accomodate your needs.

    Online Support

    Presentations 2Go is stafffed by a professional Support team. All clients with support subscription can login to the Online Support Center to submit support tickets and have access to tips, product documentation, downloads and support resources. 

    If you are a new Presentations 2Go client you will receive an invitation to our Online Support Center. Otherwise send an e-mail to our Support Team with your Name, Organisation and Serial Number. Please check the welcome letter that came with your Presentations 2Go order for your serial number. 

    The Presentations 2Go support team

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