Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Encoder and Editor) 2013-11-29


Update Presentations2Go Encoder and Editor.


Friday November 29th we will release updates for both the Editor and the Encoder.


Below you will find the releasenotes.



This build introduces the new shared license schema.

This means there is a separate installer for the license that can be activated and deactivated independent of the encoder or editor installation.

Because of this change you will be asked to activate your license again by entering the serial number.

So have your serial number available when you install this upgrade.

You can check the serial number in the about dialog of the encoder and editor.


If you want to install the encoder and editor upgrade with one installer you can.

A combined installer is available on


                The new scheduling functionality can only sync with the server once the server has been upgraded too. A new server upgrade will be released next week.

                The “old” scheduling functionality will however continue to work.


Encoder Build 3.5.5080.18506


Changes since latest release:

1. Added new scheduling mechanism that allows local schedules to be created and synched with server (requires server upgrade to support sync. Server upgrade will be available next week.)

2. Fixed issue where invalid source configuration would result in black screen at startup

3. Added startup menu items to reset or clear the configuration

4. Added config setting PersistNoSlideSetting (default false) to define if NoSlide checkbox is remembered or not

5. Changed source switching to prevent black frames in video

6. Update DeployLX for windows 8.1 update compatability

7. fixed cursor keys support in Project tab interface

8. Fixed inherit metadata when mopening More.. metadata

9. Added config setting MaxScheduleDurationAdjustment to change default 15 minute warning limit

10. Added functionality to Publish to play/edit/explore finished recordings (for edit requires latest editor)

11. fix error when canceling countdown

12. Fix error in postprocessing when path contains _

13. Check validity of incoming traffic to prevent "There is an error in XML document (0, 0)." message in eventlog

14. Pause function enabled when using live pull publishing

15. Latest deployLX to fix memory leak

16. Fixed memory leak in rtsp/h264 source

17. fix switch from s-video to composite sometimes not effective until application restart.

18. fix parsing recording path when opening editor from encoder

19. fix issue preview still shows after selected source has been deleted

20. Added support for video file source



Editor Build 3.5.5080.18506


Changes since latest release:

1. Fixed reading corrupted recordingdetails.xml files

2. Fixed selecting correct video playback codec when third party codecs are installed (eg Classic media player).

3. Report if video file cannot be read

4. Fix when pathname contains _ character

5. Support video editor being started from encoder

6. Upgrade to deploy LX to support windows 8.1

7. Latest asfbin for video manipulation

8. Fixed repeated running export job remembering previous video layout

9. Added flip video and slide in export

10. Lowered loglevel

11. Added option to set export start time to 0 instead of first keyframe

12. fixed lip-sync issue because of corrupted keyframes

13. Always show export dialog after user clicking one of th export buttons

14. fixed video position jumps 2 slides when slide is deleted

15. Switched to shared license.

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