Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Encoder en Editor) 2013-9-29


New Features Encoder

  1. IEEE-LOM metadata support.
  2. New video source type:  IP Camera  with both MJPEG and H264 support.
  3. IP PTZ camera control support for Bosch, Bicom, and AXIS.
  4. Audio delay configurable per video
  5. Slide delay configurable per video source (since IP camera's using H.264 can have a considerable delay)
  6. PTZ control extended with Zoom speed control and keyboard support (only when the Camera Control Tab is selected)
  7. Driver changes made with stream and properties are now persistand.
  8. Auto resolution calibration for slide sources (Only supported by Epiphan devices)
  9. Manual resolution calibration, click on active slide source button to recalibrate the resolution (only supported by Epiphan devices)
  10. Disable slide capture
    • To capture video only, check no slides above the slide preview before you start a recording.
    • To disable slide capturing during a recording, press Ctrl and click Capture Now button at the same time. To enable slide capture again repeat this action.
  11. Improved Software de-interlacing. Especially when using USB grabbers
  12. Audio VU meter displays stereo (previously only left channel was displayed)
  13. Audio playback possible while not recodingis
  14. “No Motion delay” setting changed from ms into frames
  15. Each recoding is logged into the recording directory
  16. Preview windows can be enlarged 2 times.
  17. Metadataslide.jpg is no longer in use.
  18. Configurable horizontal mirror and/or vertical flip for video devices


New Features Editor

  1. IEEE-LOM metadata.
  2. Export richmedia recording into single video format (Picture-in-Picture or Side-by-Side) and upload it to vimeo, kaltura or youtube.
  3. Patch to fix issues after installing Microsoft patch KB2803821
  4. Improved cutting results. No "ghost" frames anymore.

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