Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update) 2013-12-10


Update Presentations 2Go Server.


On December 10 2013 we released an update for Presentations2Go Server.


You will find the release notes below.


This release will introduce a number of new features.



Scheduling has been redesigned in a way that you can still schedule recordings on the server but the schedules will be synched to the encoder. In the past the server was responsible for starting a recording. In the new setup the encoder is responsible for starting a recording and does not need contact with the server anymore to execute a scheduled recording.

The sync mechanism does also allow to create or update a schedule on the encoder which will be synched back to the server.


HTML5 player:

A new html5 player will be introduced in this build which features almost the complete functionality you used to have in the Silverlight player. The Silverlight player remains the default player and will be the only option for live broadcasts but on-demand playback will show the new html5 player when Silverlight is not installed and your browser supports html5 (IE9+ and most recent other browsers).

With the rollout of this new player, the transcoding profile will also be changed to transcode recordings into plain mp4 video (instead of Picture in Picture with slides). If you want to retranscode ‘old’ content, you will find an option to trigger that in the repopulate menu option. If you want to keep the current Picture In Picture profile, make sure you copy d:\p2g\p2g transcoder service\richmedia2mp4.xml before installing and putting it back afterwards.

The HTML5 player is unable to play the video “inline” on Windows Phone 8 and iPhone with IOS7 because their webbrowsers don’t support inline video. As soon as the video starts playing, an external player will be fired the shows video only. On Android (phone and tablet and support H264 playback), Windows 8 Modern UI and iPad, the player will have almost the same functionality as the Silverlight player. iPad and Android don’t support autoplay so user action is required to start playing the video.



The tagging functionality has been extended to allow live tagging (chat) in the player, allow “mood” tags, “anonymous” questions. Some function have been renamed:

Comment (was Public tag)

Note (was Private tag)

Poll (was Assignment)

Send message (was Ask question)


Furthermore the tagging popup has been changed into a sliding pane (tag explorer).

Title and description have been combined into one field.


Release notes:


V3.5/P2GServer build



Go to About/Check for updates to download this build.


!!!!!! Run setup in the root of the zip file to install all items in the installer. !!!!!!

!!!!!! All items will need to be updated!                                                       !!!!!!



Build December 10, 2013



Add support for new scheduling method with option in general settings to choose legacy style

Changed search type ahead in permissions dialogs to start after 1 character with 1 second delay. Now wildcard can be first character

Functionality to let encoder detect scheduling mode.

Dynamically create sample schedule import file. Handles custom metadata. See Schedule/Import Schedule/View expectable format

Added functionality (Repopulate) to force retranscode of recordings (for new html5 player).

New commenting functionality in Silverlight player.

Change users display for saml2 to follow setting in general settings.

Removed windows 2003 support

Removed simpletalker

Schedules no longer created on server as scheduled task.

Html5 use is enabled by default.

Changed handling of mediaservice to support parallel requests (faster slide handling in Silverlight and html5 player)

Changed player embed code to display jpegs for video and slide only. Solves cross schema issues (http/https). Player will open in new window.

Fix cannot remove user when \ or \\ in domain\group name (Windows authentication mode only).

Change publish recording from encoder permission marked as inherited.

Updated import csv sample files.

Fix comma in filename not playing in Silverlight

Fix invalid transcoder resolution (odd) when using side-by-side

Changes to tagging/commenting

Fix administrator role not showing hidden groups

Log files from services now in assets folder eg: d:\p2g\logs

Useragent for IE11 is now Mozilla

Added html5 player for mobile and none Silverlight enabled devices. Disable with setting UseHtml5Player = False in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\P2G\Player\web.config.

New scheduling method where schedules are synched to encoder via encoder service. Requires Encoder version (later than 3.5.5058).

Fixed unable to delete file with & in filename from Catalogue view

Fixed white border in video playback

Fixed return to original size after full screen playback

Changed schedule service check interval to minutes

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