Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update July 16 2014)


In July we release the Q2 release of Presentations2Go Server. This build supersedes build 5220 released in April 2014. This build solves issues discovered since the last released build and contains new or changed functionality.

 You will find the release notes below. As always, install all items in the installer.

 BEWARE: if you have you databases installed on a remote SQL server, be sure to supply the correct connection information when upgrading the database.

 To download this build, login as administrator in your Presentations2Go Server Catalogue and navigate to About and press the “Check for update” button. 


Changed or added functionality:

  1. The metadata dialogs have changed from a tabbed display to a single window with foldable sections for various language dependent fields.
  2. The scheduling dialogs has also changed to reflect this new layout.
  3. Anonymous and Authenticated permissions can easily be added and removed using checkboxes.
  4. The upload limit for video files has been changed to 10GB. It depends on your device and browser if the 10GB limit is available. If not you will fall back to the 2GB limit. The limit can be changed in web.config.
  5. Statistics logging for the html5 player has been added and logging for the Silverlight player has changed. This mean you can disable the Presentations2Go Logging Plugin in windows media services.
  6. The usage summary page is redesigned
  7. The catalogue API has been extended wit inequality parameters like greaterthan, greaterthanorequal, lessthan, lessthanorequal, and order (+ asc and desc)
  8. A new license checking mechanism has been implemented. This means the license needs to be reactivated during installation. The serialnumber will be copied to clipboard for you convenience.
  9. Taiwanese language support has been added
  10. Share buttons have been added in the catalogue (in more..) for easier sharing or embedding of assets on other environments (can also be disabled in the general settings)
  11. The video download dialogue has been changed and show a message when the preparation has finished and the file can be downloaded.
  12. The catalogue paging method has been changed to be more touch friendly and allow more/larger steps through the pages.
  13. The metadata vocabularies management now has a clear button to remove all entries at once. Also the layout has been improved.
  14. Added transcoding monitoring page that allows admins to monitor all transcoding jobs

Release notes: V3.6/P2GServer build


- Implemented new license checking algorithm


Fixes in html5 player:

- query strings being case sensitive

- Statistics support

- show picture message when file not found or no access

- fix layout when embed on iframe

- fix video size

- fix showminimalbuttons

- fix information dialog (make scalable)

- fix html5 player version

- remove height and width for share button


Fixes in Silverlight player:

- fix top position when using layout = 6

- fix information dialog (make scalable)

- fix embed url containing automaticResize and duplicate query string



- add more order keywords like asc/desc etc. See API docs for info

- fix api search if using format yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss

- fix error api play mp4



- added monitoring page for encoders

- added transcoding  monitoring page

- add Taiwanese language support

- new layout for metadata/upload etc

- Added share buttons for mail, embed and copy url

- fix advancesearch dropdown using value (base on browser language) not key

- fix bug when upload error if session mode not set

- fix bug when advance search with contributors attribute

- fix embed url generator

- fix bug "<user>(undefined)" when add user

- fix schedules not always visible after bulk upload

- fix generated embed url protocol (https/http) from catalogue

- fix schedule permissions

- change schedule metadata dialog like upload/catalogue page.

- support upload more than 2 gb with blob/chunk method

  -> add 2 new app settings in web.config:

     - maxUploadedContentLength: max upload file size.

     - maxChunkUploadLength: chunk size in mb, default is 2 mb.

- add cleanupSchedule method

  -> new app settings in catalogueservice config:

     - CleanupScheduleHoursInterval, default 0 (method will skipped). interval for running method

     - CleanupScheduleDaysAfterExpired, default 7 days.

                               method cleanupSchedule will delete expired schedule from db and schedule recordings directory

- improve download video dialog with preparing download bar and download button

- Changed catalogue pagination

- automatic refresh on richmedia upload page

- change search handling by adding 2 second delay when search by date

- add copy, mail, and embed on more dialog.

- fix import vocabularies if xml doesn’t contains enter (\r\n)

- use .8.mp4 video if exists for iPhone os < 8 and windows phone < 8.1

- fix bug in button "delete all vocabularies"

- rename button "delete all vocabularies" to "clear vocabulary"

- backup metadatarule if vocabulary cleared (on root folder, metadatarule_<attributename>_<

- improve advancesearch by personal notes or publiccomments

- change layout metadatarule Manager

- add group description when search group (autotext)

- change select group or user option with radio button

- remove text "Video (Required)" in upload

- add tooltip for permissions

- fix bug when set permissions to upload (from read etc) on personal folder container

- make form role editor bigger

- improve reset inherit permissions for personal folder

- fix bug personal upload list not shown for administrators or any group that have access if group with lower access permissions set to the same personal upload folder

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