Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Encoder and Editor July 2014)


In July we release the Q2 release with Version 4 of Presentations2Go Encoder and Editor. These build supersedes encoder build 5206 and Editor build 5211 released in April 2014.

 These builds of encoder and editor implement a new license checking mechanism which requires you to reactive the license during upgrade. This means you need an active internet connection to perform the upgrade and activation.

If you don’t have a valid subscription that support free upgrades of the encoder and editor, you should not install this version. Without a valid subscription support major upgrades, your application will not be able to validate after installation and fail to work.

 Below you will find the release notes for the encoder and editor. You will be notified in the encoder and editor application that the new update is available and you can download and install it from there.

This build solves issues discovered since the last released build and contains new or changed functionality.

Changed or new functionality:

  1. The metadata dialogs have been changed to reflect the dialogs on the server. The visible fields and order of the fields on the server will be reflected on the encoder.
  2. A new publish dialog has been added to allow bulk publish of recordings based on last day, week , month etc.
  3. More than one accessibility can be defined now (as on the server)
  4. The Capture tab has a new setting to define a minimal motion to trigger slide capture. Normally the value will be zero but when noise exists on the cabling you can filter that out.
  5. The Schedule interface was improved
  6. Horizontal and vertical flip buttons have been added to flip the slide and/or video image
  7. Slide in/out and No slide checkboxes have been replaced with buttons.
  8. Remote Control API version 3 has been implemented that allows almost full remote control of the encoder. The API now uses the new http “rest” mode (V1 and V2 API functionality is still available).
  9. Changing values or settings in the interface take effect after pressing update button. In the past some were effective immediately and some required an update click.
  10. Some checkboxes were replaced with button to better show its state. 
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