Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update February 14 2014)



Update Presentations 2Go Server


On February 14 2014 we released an update for Presentations2Go Server.

 You will find the release notes below.


This release will introduce a number of new features.


  1. An API to access the catalogue and its assets from external sources. It allows to search, embed and playing assets and offloading authorization to the hosting environment. For example use the membership of a Blackboard course to access ‘closed’ assets in Presentations2Go Server without logging in to Presentations2Go Server. Documentations available separately.
  2. A SOAP client interface to automate provisioning of users and groups from external source. Documentations available separately.
  3. The functionality to allow users to upload assets to personal folders has changed. A new checkbox has been introduced in the folder permissions settings (Create personal folder for this group). This replaces the requirement to add full control in the root folder for users that would get a personal folder created. The effect is that the permission inheritance of personal folders is the same as for recordings folders or group folders. This allows groups/users other than administrators to access personal folders. For check for inappropriate content or modify or update metadata (depending on the role that group has been given).
  4. You can now force retranscoding of richmedia assets in a from-to date range (in the repopulate option) and you can even force retranscoding of an individual asset in the ‘more..’ dialog of an asset.
  5. The transcoderservice queue handling has been rebuild to always process the latest added assets first even they get published after the service starts. When a large backlog has to be processed, the latest recordings will still be processed first.
  6. The path= parameter in the player url has been replaced with an id=number. This enables persistent urls even if content is moved on the server from one disk to and other or from one folder to another. The old path= parameter will still work as long as the asset remains on the same location.


Besides new features this build also contains a number of fixes and improvements as mentioned below in the releasenotes.


You can download this release via About/Check for updates in the Presentations 2Go Server catalogue when logged in as member of the administrators group.



Build February 14, 2014 : 3.5.5161.20629


  1. Fix schedule mapping when update or create new
  2. Fix format default value when mapping metadata
  3. Feed new embed code through mediaservice
  4. Fix metadata display in html5
  5. Changed 'old style embed' to 'play inline'
  6. Support live in new style embed
  7. Fix video only in live when  no slides
  8. Fix & character in category view
  9. Sort user and group autocomplete
  10. Notify when video is transcoding and playing with html5
  11. Fix datetime dialog on retranscode when Dutch browser language
  12. Improve performance when loading large amount of schedules in catalogue
  13. Catch error when schedule import format contains error
  14. Fix when video filename contains [ and/or ] character
  15. Fix deleting users from permissions when contains \ or \\ after migration to other authentication scenario (eg AD to saml)
  16. Fix ajax in upload when using IE11 and trusted sites
  17. Fix comment windows in Silverlight player sliding away when tagging/commenting
  18. Fix double url encoded characters in video filename (eg when video file uploaded from dropbox or skydrive)
  19. Let Silverlight player follow browser language
  20. Fix permissions privilege for edit any metadata, edit video, delete video and delete any video
  21. Fix editing roles when browser language is nl
  22. Fixes in OAI feed
  23. Fix null error when path= empty when playing live in Silverlight player
  24. Fix mixing browser language when editing metadata
  25. Fix schedule not shown when title contains "
  26. Fix "years" category view count
  27. Added retranscode date range (from to)
  28. Added retranscode option for individual assets (in  more... dialog)
  29. Fix hidden groups shown in category view
  30. Improve users dialog performance
  31. Fix download selector for video download
  32. Fix when deleting group, deleted group not removed from group members
  33. Avoid caching when encoder requests metadata from server
  34. Fix in catalogue service to pick up published recordings after service stop
  35. Changed Silverlight new style embedcode to follow url schema (http/https)
  36. Use id= number in catalogue and player links to define recordings instead of path=. To persistent links to assets after f.e. ownership handover.
  37. Fix invalid or wrong mediatype if recording without slides is published.
  38. New queuing mechanism for transcoding. Recently added assets are always transcoded first.
  39. Changed Silverlight player to try and play video at native resolution if browser size permits possible.
  40. Added API functionality to search/show/play assets in other environment and hand over authorization to third party application. Used for BlackBoard buildingblock or Sharepoint webpart of Moodle (php)environment. Documentation and sample code available on request.
  41. Added SOAP interface to import/delete users and groups from third party data supplier (IMS). Implementation documentation available on request.
  42. Fixed splashscreen handling in player.html (only used for none P2GServer web playback)
  43. Handle possible file locking in transcoder for video uploads
  44. Fix schedule default starttime from now() +1 hour to now()
  45. Fix search startdate/enddate reset when moving to next page in catalogue
  46. Fix html5 player embed code generation
  47. Changes to saml2 library to support shibboleth
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