Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Encoder and Editor update April 7 2014)


On April 7 2014 we released build 5206 of Presentations 2Go Encoder and build 5210 of Presentations 2Go Editor.

These builds supersede Encoder build 5086 released on December 4 2014 and Editor build 5080 released on November 25 2013.


Below you will find the release notes for the encoder and editor.


You will be notified in the encoder and editor application that the new update is available and you can download and install it from there.


If you prefer to download and install the installers manually, you can get the latest from:


The latest Encoder can be downloaded from

The latest Editor can be downloaded from


If you prefer to install or update the encoder and editor with one combined installer (instead of individually from the update check from within the application) , you can download the latest combined installer from:



Encoder Build April 7, 2014 : 3.5.5206.10722



1.            Fix issue where app would not start if latest selected slide source was a picture file.

2.            Fix issue where camera control initialization could cause crash if device no longer present

3.            Ensure progress bar show 100% before showing export completed dialog

4.            Fix bug that show publish URL as "Server not available."

5.            Fix motion grid not showing realtime motion

6.            Change audio delay setting since new library has almost no delay

7.            Fix flip state issues when using Datapath card

8.            Sort accessibilities in combobox

9.            Fix video/slide position when restoring from enlarged view

10.          Fix metadata update issues in More… metadata dialog and Manual Publish

11.          Fix ip camera control messagebox if connected in previous session



Editor Build April 7, 2014 : 3.5.5210.20369



1. Support for "multi-home" encoder service.

2. Ensure data folder at least contains default metadata xml (located in application folder) during start up and when user changes data folder from within config dialog.

3. Add all picture files when selecting slides and by default selected

4. Remember last selected filetype filter

5. JPEG now filtered by *.jpg and *.jpeg (previously only *.jpg)

6. Fix filetype filter typo BPM to BMP

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