Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update April 4 2014)


Update Presentations 2Go Server


On April 4 2014 we released build 5207 of Presentations2Go Server. This build supersedes build 5179 released on March 10 2014


You will find the release notes below. As always, install all items in the installer.


To download this build, login as administrator in your Presentations2Go Server Catalogue and navigate to About and press the “Check for update” button.


Build 5179 introduced a change handling in Personal Upload folders.

It is very important that you verify the permission settings of the personal folders in Folder Management!

A new checkbox “Allow personal upload” defines if the named group will get an upload folder created. Normally you should not mix this setting with other permission settings.

So groups that should be allowed to upload assets, should not have any of the other permissions set.

With this new schema you can allow (sub) admins to have control over the uploaded assets. Eg. Someone controlling abusive content could be allowed to remove this now or otherwise change metadata or permissions. Administrators already had this option but now other users/groups can be assigned this right too.

If you don’t verify the settings, users might have access to other users content! Only ‘admins’ should have more rights than “Allow personal upload”.


Support for the saml affiliation attributes has been added. This means you can use saml affiliation attributes to distinguish  “staff”, “employee” and “student”.

When you create a group named like one of these attributes (e.g. create a group employee) but prepended with “affiliation.” and the affiliation attribute is populated with employee, they will automatically be member of that group once logged in. (so the group should be named “affiliation.employee” in the above sample)



Build April 4, 2014 : 3.5.5207.20710


Workaround for bug in some android browser combinations not playing closed assets

Changed Catalogue API to return thumb slide instead of full slide

If a metadata value is not provided, handle it with default value when searched for.

Installer no longer shows impersonation dialog for fresh install (was only used for old scheduling style)

Set “ignore saml errors” config setting in web.config during install

If a non-existing group is added in a nested group it is no longer added as a new group

If recordingdetails.xml is locked retry transcoding later

Improve catalogue first page performance when open catalogue without search criteria

Changes in html5 player login method handling

Changes in html5 player layout

Advanced search extended to all visible fields

Change play url in more.. dialog to ID= format instead of old Path=

Handle html special characters in players

Fix in base64 key for Catalogue API

Improve performance when authorizing personal folders

Fix mapping logic when inherited permissions are used in accessibility

Cleanup code in html5 player

Update missing personal folders when catalogue service starts

Group key now stored in database

Fix advanced search using url that contains & in filename



Build March 7, 2014 : 3.5.5179.20735


Fix playback on some android devices

Fix logging for IE8 plus and other browsers with Silverlight after recent windows update

Links (url) in all tag types allowed.

Fix personal folder naming (saml2) when username format is changed.

Fix html5 player metadata info contains |

Fix layout html5 player when resize in video only mode

Add icon for link in note/tag

Don't use remap metadata when creating new recordingdetails.xml (could mess up contributor roles, recordingtypes etc)

Fix showincatalogue not remembered after video upload

Fix who's allowed to do live tagging from player

Fix anonymous users can create private question/send message from player

Fix video resize after tag window closed when playing video

Fix duplicate users in permissions for saml2 when using custom format username

Fix segments timespan issue if seconds = 60

Fix moderator page not showing all messages

Moderator page follows displayname setting in saml mode

User import format in saml supports id|email|username or ||email or |email|username or single email/username/id

Fixed slow performance in my media

Saml replay attack error. Caused by recent Silverlight update

Small changes in latest P2GServer web API

Permission button sometimes disappears for normal user

Checkbox for "allow personal upload" sometimes disappear for personal folder and appear for group container

Tag that doesn't show and metadata shows wrong information in Silverlight player

Use affiliation information for authorization

Search from within my media

Fix wrong value when show metadata on player or more dialog

Fix access level attribute visibility when add new group/folder dialog

Fix empty tag description on moderator page






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