Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update April 22 2014)



On April 22 2014 we released build 5220 of Presentations2Go Server. This build supersedes build 5207 released on April 4 2014. 

This build solves issues discovered since the last released build and does not contain new functionality.

 You will find the release notes below. As always, install all items in the installer.


To download this build, login as administrator in your Presentations2Go Server Catalogue and navigate to About and press the “Check for update” button.




Build April 17, 2014 : 3.5.5220.16124


Fix duplicate users in permissions when uploading from Android

Fix deleting permissions when uploading asset

Small changes in OAI output

Improve standard search (eg on subjectareas and contributors)

Fix long loading times for html5 player on some mobile devices when tag contained " or ' character

Fix issue video not playing on some android combinations if video length cannot be determined

Fix android not being able to handle multiselect items in html

Fix video download sometimes showing error page instead of downloading


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