Prosumer - Sony VX2100 3CCD

In case you have a cameraman available you might consider using a camera in combination with a tripod. We have used a Sony vx2100 3CCD prosumer camera in combination with a Manfrotto tripod in cases we want close-ups and smooth camera movements.

This camera is known as the prosumer version of the Sony PD170. Both famous for their performance in poor light conditions. Without a DV tape inserted AND connected to th power adapter, the camera won't go in sleep-mode.

Using Firewire, composite or s-video the camera can be connected to the capturecard of the Presentations 2Go encoder. In standby mode the output signal shows no menu items and can be recorded  immediately.


The Sony VX2100 can only connect unbalanced external line or microphone signals. But in our case we insert the external audio signal directly in the capturecard of the Presentations 2Go encoder.




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