VGA2USB tricks

Sometimes the VGA2USB has a hard time detecting the VGA resolution used in a specific laptop/beamer combination. The result will be that Presentations2Go Encoder will not capture as many frames as it should. Because of the VGA2USB resolution mismatch, no data is sent to the Encoder and no slides can be captured.

The VGA2USB icon on your desktop allows you access to some interesting setting.

You can for the detected resolution to a fixed setting overriding the auto detect mechanism. To do this choose Capture/Configure Device. Then the DirectShow tab and then select the Fix resolution option. You can then choose a fixed VGA resolution.


When you want to use the VGA2USB device to capture the VGA signal as a Video stream (eg if you have movie fragments in your presentation), you can define the VGA2USB as an extra video capture device in Windows Media Encoder. During recording your can then switch between the various video sources.

However when you start a recording while no VGA signal is present (yet) you will get an error message in Windows Media Encoder. This also may happen if you want to save the Windows Media Encoder profile. The cause of the error is the missing video signal on the VGA2USB device. You can however force the VGA2USB adapter to sent a bitmap when no video signal is present. To accomplish this act as follows.

Start the VGA2USB console application and choose Capture/Configure Device. Then the DirectShow tab and then check the Default image checkbox. You may now select a bitmap (it should be a none compressed .bmp picture in a 4*3 aspect ratio).

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