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    Slide quality


    In same cases you playback your recording and you notice poor slide quality. Poor slide quality can be caused be one or combination of the following technical configurations.

    • Wrong capturecard settings causing unexpected upscaling
    • Too much jpg compression
    • Poor cables or wrong signal extender settings.

    To show you some examples:

    1. upscaling                                  2. high jpg compression (enlarged)                               3. too much signal amplification

    upscaling.png              jpgcpmression.jpg                   pporslidequality.png



    Example 1 was caused by a wrong configuration of the Datapath capturecard. In case the Presentations 2Go encoder is already started while the datapath card (used in many roadkits) does not yet receive a signal, the capturecard assumes 320x240. However, in most cases your settings are set to e.g. 1024x768. So the Datapath card will upscale from 320x240 resulting in these rough letters.

    A quick fix, restart your encoder application again. Now it will recognize the correct input signal. We can partially fix this problem with a registry setting. Download and run the attached registry setting and REBOOT your machine before it will have effect.

    This partial solution will force the capturecard to set the default input always to 1024x768. So in most cases this will still result in an acceptable result, unless you always use higher input resolutions.

    Example 2 is caused by a wrong setting in the Capture settings of the Presentations 2Go Encoder software.We have found that 95% results in the best quality with acceptable file size. However, in case storage and bandwidth are an issue you can lower these values. Make sure you make some test recordings and evaluate the outcome. Jpeg compression artifacts as shown in the example are first visible on text on plain backgrounds.


    Example 3 is a result of too high amplification of an VGA over UTP extender. The longer the used UTP cable, the more amplification you need. However, to much amplification results in sharp edges and fading. Below you see the signal equalizer of an VGA to UTP extender often used in our roadkit. This button is found on the remote unit, typically hidden behind the control panel.

    The presentations 2Go roadkits are configured for a maximum cable length of 35 meters, placing the switch in the lowest posible amplification.


    Too low amplification would result in vague slides with low color (like an empty printer cartridge)


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