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    Bosh IP Dome camera


    Use the following url to add the Bosh IP camera to your Presentations 2Go Encoder Pro. Replace *.*.*.* with the correct IP-address.



    Other options:

    h26x=0 = JPEG
    h26x=3 MPEG-4 sh++ (H263)
    h26x=4 = H264

    line=1     = 1st camera
    line=2     = 2nd camera


    The signal of IP camera's is usually delayed because of the in-camera transcoding to H.264. So you might need to delay the audio and slides. From experience we learned a delay of 4 or 5 samples (audio) and 200ms (slide) is needed.

    The Connection and receive timeouts are best set to e.g. 5000 or 10000. 


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