Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update October 10 2014)

This build solves issues discovered since the last released build but contains no new functionality.

You will find the release notes of the version since the last Tech Update below. As always, install all items in the installer.

BEWARE: if you have your databases installed on a remote SQL server, be sure to supply the correct connection information when upgrading the database.


To download this build, login as an administrator in your Presentations2Go Server Catalogue and navigate to About and press the “Check for update” button.


Release notes:3.6.5396.23518

  • Past schedules will be removed by catalogue service after configured time setting in configuration file (default 7 days)
  • Schedules will be sorted in schedule page
  • Manual schedules have different color
  • Schedules can be selected based on encodername (or all)
  • Fix playback on IOS8 and Android kitkat
  • Fix download button shown when full control is granted but no download permission.
  • Catalogue API search fixes
  • Partial fix for memory leak in encoderservice when schedule sync is used.


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