Presentations 2Go Quota & Workflow

During the last years your team has recorded many lectures and students have uploaded lots of videos. With the Presentations 2Go Quota and Workflow engine you can now manage your content actively.  Monitor disk usage and remove or archive content based on workflow rules.

Restrict unlimited uploads with a quota per group or personal folder. You receive quota warnings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis configurable per folder.

Configure and monitor a detailed overview of the disk usage via folder management or share the statistics with your management.

In the general settings you can define defaults for group and personal folders. However, per folder/user you can overrule these settings.

Limit the total usable storage via the Maximum catalogue storage.

Build intelligent workflow rules to move content to other folders, an archive disk or the recycle bin. Per folder you can select optionally select a workflow rule. Run the rule immediately and at a regular interval..

Set one or more conditions from the following options:


select one or more actions

All rules are stored and can be edited again.

Once the rules are created they can be added to individual folders.




The workflow can be ran immediately but will also be executed at a configurable interval.


Archived or removed items will not be available for end-users but can still be found by administrators via the advanced search.


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