Virtuele assets & Playlists

In release 4 we introduce 2 new asset types:

  • Virtual assets
  • Playlists

Both types can fully be described with metadata like audio, richmedia and video assets.

Virtual asset
A virtual asset can refer to an internal audio, richmedia or video file. Optional you can set (multiple) start and stop times and upload a thumbnail.

Also it is possible to refer to an external video like youtube of vimeo. Although you can set your own accessibility to this external asset in Presentations 2Go, the referred asset should be open accessibly in e.g. youtube to avoid an additional sign-in prompt.

Furthermore, external assets are not checked for availablility, so after a while you might be referring to a dead link.

A playlists is a list with video, audio or richmedia played in a sequential order. Playlists can only be made from internal content. You can define segments in the individual asset to play, just like a virtual asset.


Virtual assets and Playlist are disabled by default in this version but can be enabled via General settings | Assets.

You also need to define the way permissions are set. In Component mode the viewers need individual rights to the original (internal) assets used in a virtual asset or playlist. Hence the person creating a virtual asset can not introduce new viewers. Only by asking the content owner new viewers can be added.

In Override mode the creator of a virtual asset or playlist can introduce new viewers to content the creator is allowed to see, by adding them to the virtual asset.

Roles & Permissions
Since giving away view rights to closed video's via a virtual asset is something to think about! We have created a permission which can be given to certain roles. So you can limit the amount of users that can create virtual assets.













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