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    Presentations 2Go BlackBoard Integration


    Automatically publish your Richmedia weblectures and videos into your BlackBoard course with the smart Presentations 2Go Video Server BlackBoard Buildingblock. Enclose individual videos into the standard BlackBoard content editor or generate smart playlists using a P2Go List.

    Once the Presentations 2Go buildingblock is in place, it allows teachers to insert a single item or smart lists into a course.

    There are three methods to insert content

    1. Mash-up method; Select a video to show in a regular content item
    2. P2Go item; Select a video to show in your content item.
    3. P2Go list; A P2Go List is a dynamic list, each time a student opens the list item, items are updated to meet the list search criteria.



    The BlackBoard administrators can define multiple repositories in BlackBoard, all refereeing to different content filters on the Presentations 2Go Video Server content. Teachers can get access to one or more repositories.

    So the content available per repositories is already restricted by the blackboard administrator. Content offered in a BlackBoard course is automatically accessible for students registered for this BlackBoard course.

    Search Criteria
    Teachers can define their own content filter when searching for an item. The complete Presentations 2Go metadata set is available in BlackBoard.  Teachers can add search criteria to show a subset in a smart list. 

    The lists with search fields and values are dynamic and retrieved automatically from the Presentations 2Go Video server.  The search criteria can also be dynamic when using one of the eight intelligent variables such as e.g. ${course.id} or ${course.year}. These variables combine BlackBoard course information with Presentations 2Go metadata fields.

    BlackBoard Options
    Use the BlackBoard Option features to restrict or time your item visibility, making your List or item even more intelligent.



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