Player features

The Presentations 2Go player gives you the best experience. It allows you to add comments, rate, change layout, scroll through slides, search, cut virtual etc..


Use the play button to start/stop the video. After you start the video, the play button will become the stop/pause button.

Previous/Next slide

With the navigation buttons you can jump from slide to slide.


When you hoover over the timeline the slides popup.


Click on the repeat button to place your video in a continuous loop.


Click on the volume icon, then adjust the volume to fit your needs.


All available metadata of a recording will be presented when you click the information button .


You can rate a video by clicking on one of the stars. In order to rate you need to be signed-in and each user can rate a video only once.


The share button unfolds several options to share this content with others.

   Add this link to your favourites

   Copy the link to your clipboard

   Create embed code to play this asset in your own website

   Email this link

   Like this page on Facebook

   Share this link on LinkedIn

   Tweet this link on Twitter

   Like this link at Google


Be aware that popups might be blocked initially.



The settings offers you the option to overrule the player language defaults    , read the player help  .


Full screen

Finally the last icon on the menu. This button will place Silverlight in full screen mode.


To exit full screen mode, simply click ESC or use the resize button in the menu.




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