Blackmagic source turns black during recording

There can be several causes for this phenomenon to happen.

  1. You try to record a full HD 1080P video but are using a medium quality (default) recording profile. Since the encoder is recording real-time, the encoder cannot process and compress all pixels in time, resulting in a black video preview during recording. 
    - Select General in the left menu
    - Click on the Settings tab
    - Click browse behind Windows Media Encoder profile
    - Select a high, very high or Extreme high profile.
  2. You selected the Blackmagic card both as Video and Audio source. Some devices like Blackmagic use 1 driver for both audio and video. As soon as the recording starts, the audio hijacks the devices causing the video to turn black.
    - Go to source
    - Select audio sources
    - Change the audio source to e.g. the PC line-in
  3. The blackmagic output settings are not compliant. This is the most difficult to solve.
    -Close Presentations 2Go encoder
    - Try changing the output resolution, frame rate and frequencies.
    - Restart the encoder
    - You might need to iterate this process


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