How do i make a Screencast

In some cases you do not want to capture the video of the presenter but only a screen-cast with audio.


Follow these steps to setup a screencast.


1. Adjust the recording profile settings to ensure small fonts are still readable. 

- Click on Advanced Mode

- Select General  and click on settings

- Select Browse and select the screeencast profile (can be downloaded below)


2. Setup your screen as input video source

- Click on Source

- Click on "Click to Add" to add a new video source

- Select "Screen" at  video source

- Confirm with update

3. Select your screen as recording video source


4. Select your screen also as recording slide source

5. Disable slide capture

- Click on NO SLIDE. The button will become blue when selected


Now you are setup to record/live broadcast your screen in combination with the selected audio source.



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