Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Encoder and Editor March 2015)

Update Presentations 2Go Encoder and Editor


Along with the release of Version 4 of Presentations2Go Server, new builds of Encoder and Editor have been released.


New functionality in Encoder in this release is:


  1. Support quota if enabled on the server. If quota is depleted on the server, no uploads can be performed.
  2. New Server configuration function to easily configure server settings in Publish/Server.
  3. Lumens OnVif PTZ camera control
  4. Disable the warning dialog when exiting the application (General/Settings)
  5. New API v2 command behavior
  6. Ignore start command if session has been started and not paused
  7. Ignore pause command if session has been started and paused
  8. Ignore start or pause command if session is stopping (it takes sometimes to fully stop)
  9. New API v3 command Status:
  10. Return current status in text (Live, (Paused), Stopping, Idle)
  11. Added Listen address in Server Settings to support router portmapping when encoder and server are not in the same network but live pull broadcasting is required
  12. Add application config setting BroadcastIPAddress to support sending other ip address to server for pull streaming behind NAT router.
  13. Check if encoder is allowed to connect to v4 server
  14. Check if encoder is allowed to live stream and publish to v4 server
  15. Check whether the server is alive and Encoder is registered on server before manual publish when using v4 server.
  16. Allow unregistered Encoder to retrieve metadata from server when using v4 server.
  17. Enable/disable live and autopublish checkbox based on whether encoder is allowed to do so on V4+ Presentations 2Go server and also checks again when server's settings changed
  18. New license handling to allow longer off-line



Fixes or changes in functionality in Encoder in this release:


  1. Fix refresh button behavior in Publish window.
  2. Fix start recording with shortcut key not using startup delay
  3. Fix bug that might require user to close schedule dialog twice if it was opened by double clicking a row in schedule datagrid.
  4. Populate recording info with first available language if metadata in selected language doesn't exist and if it still failed, uses word "No <metadata rule's name>" (ex: "No Title").
  5. Fix condition that with subsequent recordings, invalid message that videofile did not grow, was displayed.
  6. Allow flipclass/lite version to support remote control.
  7. Disable move to preset 0 when autotracking camera is used and manual control is disconnected.
  8. Add application config setting DisableRemoteControl (boolean, default = false) and if true. Encoder won't listen to any remote control port at all.
  9. If encoder application was minimized, 'Starting' message would throw error message.
  10. Try to reuse file name in temp directory for slide/video capture (remote control purpose) and generate new one only when it can't be deleted.
  11. Set default value of UseNewMetadataFormat to true (if it is explicitly set to false it will check to server to make sure)
  12. Only tries to sync deleted schedule when the file still exists (to avoid error messages in event log).


New functionality in Editor in this release:


  1. New configuration wizard to configure Server connection (Configuration/Settings/Configure)
  2. Windows can now be minimized during export
  3. Don’t allow user closing main window while export is running
  4. Load saved recording as current recording right after save (no more save messagebox when exporting)
  5. Also ask to use current slide when updating current markin
  6. New license handling to allow longer off-line


Fixes or changes in functionality in Editor in this release:

  1. Performance fix in logging window when doing multiple edit sessions without closing.
  2. Fix in metadata that does not update new metadata.


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