Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Release Server v4 March 2015)

Today we release version 4 of presentations2go server. Version 4 brings new functionality and fixes.

 Before you install be sure you make a backup of the database (RECORDINGS_DB), the presentations2go website (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\p2g\*) and the services (d:\p2g\p2g*service\). Simplest way to do this is just copy these folders.


New functionality:

  1. Quota. You can limit and control the amount of storage users and encoders consume on your server filesystem. Notifications will be emailed to users if they enable the notifications in My Media. Administrators will also be notified on various events.
  2. Workflow. A number of tasks can be defined to manage assets in the catalogue. You can move assets to cheaper storage, archive items, change ownership and delete items based on various parameters.
  3. Encoder registration. You now control encoder access from within the catalogue admin interface.
  4. Encoder monitoring. You can monitor and control encoders from within the catalogue. You do need to define a remote control access password in the encoder (server) settings and a recent v4 encoder build is required. To enable this feature on encoders, the encoder will have to be started with elevated rights (Run as Administrator) and access via port 80/TCP must be possible. Remote control is tunneled through the server so even off site remote control is possible.
  5. Playlists. Users with the appropriate role can create playlists that consist of a number of assets that will be played in sequence. Since a playlist has it’s own permissions, it can also contain references to assets that the end user does not have access too. These items will be shown with a lock icon in the catalogue. A setting “Playlist And Virtual Asset Authorization Mode” in the general settings defines how these permissions should be evaluated (Complement or Override).
  6. Virtual assets. Users with the appropriate role can create virtual assets. These are assets that point to another assets and for example contain segments. Or they point to external assets (a youtube video) that you want to metadata in the Presentations2Go catalogue.
  7. Recycle bin. Deleted assets from the catalogue will end up in a recycle bin. Items in the recycle bin can be searched from advanced search and be restored if required. When the recycle bin is emptied, they are gone.
  8. Configuration in the database. All settings that used to be stored in the configuration files on the server, can now be controlled from the Catalogue interface. Settings will automatically be moved to the database during the upgrade to v4 but you may have to wait 5 to 10 minutes before all settings have been populated and can be controlled. Some settings require a service to be restarted on the server before they take effect. For example setting that use timers, require a service restart.
  9. Download and upload the complete Metadata schema (eg to copy between test and production server) or to create a backup before you modify the schema.
  10. Storage usage information in Folder Management
  11. Added ForceHtml5 query parameter for player to force html5 player
  12. Use new plugins for “copy to clipboard” in catalogue and player
  13. Added simpleplayer embed option
  14. Use html5 player for audio playback


After installing this update, only option 8 and 4 will be enabled by default. So without changing settings in the catalogue General Settings, V4 will work similar to version 3.6. Only after you enable the other functions, they become available: Assets/BETA Enable virtual asset and playlist, Mail, Tasks/Workflow process interval, Storage/Enable storage notification, Storage/Enable Quota, Encoder Service/Enable Quota


Fixed or changed:

  1. The transcoder service will check for lost or aborted transcoding jobs every night
  2. The Upload functionality has been upgraded to better inform the user about upload progress
  3. Email notifications to the user on upload finished, transcoding started and transcoding finished.
  4. Playlist support in the player (the playlist will be show at the top of the player when the mouse moves and shows the buttonbar)
  5. Video playback will now always play a video full window size initially, You can still cycle through the modes with the full screen button
  6. Handle situation in html5 player where slides might be missing (the progress bar would not hide).
  7. Richmedia extraction was broken in a previous build when larger file upload was added (larger than 2Gb).
  8. Fixes in schedule import (eg when value was not defined and no default value was set in metadata settings).
  9. Fix for huge file playback in html5 player (Eg Blue Ray size video).
  10. Encoders will be registered at server (also for schedule) when they connect. No live broadcast required anymore.
  11. Duplicate items in advanced search are corrected
  12. Changed license handling to allow longer offline time.
  13. Fixed Anonymous Users/Authenticated Users checkbox behavior in Permissions
  14. Support API token usage in RSS feed
  15. Fix remove saml user from system that never logged in.
  16. Show owner/uploader/previous owner in metadata and upload page
  17. Fix missing default values for advanced search
  18. API tokens can now have minimal validity duration since token will be valid for play session duration.
  19. SOAP user/group import: saml usernames no longer need | to define missing EduPersonTargetdID or email or uid
  20. Add API support for live broadcasts
  21. Fix for download of large assets (> 2GB)
  22. Fix status.xml sometimes not removed on transcoding completion
  23. Delete status.xml if wmv and mp4 have already been created and status.xml still exists
  24. Handle duplicate ID’s when live broadcast is used.
  25. Fix looping transcoding when transcoding wmv file
  26. Fix button numbering for disablebutton queryparameter in player

New versions of the Encoder and Editor are also available to support new server functionalities.

An updated version of the Administration manual can be here.


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