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    Lecturer Tracking Camera i-Smart LTC S-2007 HD


    This Full HD tracking camera LTC2007 comes with 2 Full HD SDI outputs. The top PTZ camera follows the moving person, while the bottom camera shows a width angle view of the room. Also ideal for monitoring if the classroom is occupied.

    Both cameras show an equal sharp and bright full HD image. Even in bad light conditions this camera shows a remarkable bright image. E.g. when teachers turn off the lights to improve the beamer image. 

    As soon as a teacher (person) walks into the priority area (as defined in the width angle view) the top camera will lock him or her.  Even when walking almost around the camera, the top camera will watch you right in the eye!

    The camera is default configured for rs232 Visca (Sony compatible). When tracking is disabled the camera can also be controlled via the Presentations 2Go camera control menu. 

    This can be convenient when you face a speaker and panel discussion. In such a case you might want to manually control the PTZ camera. Though with this camera you could also easily switch to its width angle camera.

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    Tracking Camera | Volgcamera

    Manufacturer information

    The Lecturer tracking camera adopts the most advanced face recognition and tracking algorithm based on image analysis to detect, lock and track moving target ; it can realize smooth tracking performance automatically; It can precisely lock the moving target in the center of the image.

    With its stability, easy-to-use and excellent performance, it is widely used in electronic classroom, distance learning, technical training and video conferencing room, etc.

    Video Demo @ http://youtu.be/FBgCNrb8bW4



    • Advanced face recognition and tracking algorithm based on image analysis;
    • Integrated Full HD panoramic camera and Full HD tracking camera. Both HD videos can be outputted at 1080p60 simultaneously;
    • Tracking range can cover the whole classroom, even the target is walking among the students;
    • Precisely and stably track a specific target, free from any light & moving interference;
    • Tracking camera and full-view camera can be set to automatically switch mode;
    • Smooth tracking performance, free from interference of other moving objects, also even if the target turns around, stands still for a long time or his / her other small gestures will not affect the tracking effect;
    • Auto zoom performance during tracking;
    • Suits all kinds of classroom with different size, shape and type;
    • Smart AE technology to effectively avoid the interference of complicated lights from projectors, monitors etc.
    • 1 priority zone, and 8 blocking zones can be easily set through control software;
    • Customizable output code when target appears or lost;
    • User-friendly interface, simple parameter settings, parameters can be set via RS-485/232.

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