The left and right side of the player show buttons for additional features.


Tag explorer

You can browse through tags/comments using the tag explorer. You'll find the tag explorer in the left side of the screen. Click on the left tab and the tag explorer will slide out.

  • When you click on the time code in the tag explorer, the video will start playing at that particular point in time.
  • Tags that are marked with a triangle  pointer have replies and will expand when you click on them.
  • Titles with an underline are hyperlinks and will open the link in a new browser window.

Enable or disable tags with the filter button. You can select or deselect names of users who’s tags you want to see.

NOTE: Your private notes are only visible during playback after you enable them in the filter.

The tag explorer is automatically filtered when you start typing in the search box.

Click on the Download button to save your tag selection to a local HTML file. Download takes in account the filter and search settings. So personal notes are only saved if you have enabled show private notes.

Slide explorer

Click on the right tab to open the slide explorer. The explorer gives you the opportunity to scroll and jump to a slide in more detail. Hoover over the small slides to enlarge even more.  

You can close the slide explorer by hand by clicking again on the right tab. Or just wait a while and it will close automatically.

Hoover over the arrows to scroll through the slides.


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