Check list - License issues

The Presentations 2Go licensing is based on the following principles:

  • Unique hardware; each license can only be installed on 1 PC at the same time 
  • Correct date-time system settings;
  • Serial key end date; each license key has a built-in end-date
  • Support contract end-date; major upgrades can only be activated if there is a running support subsription.
  • Some  licenses are shared with other presentations 2Go software on the same PC such as the Presentations 2Go Editor. The first letters of your key determine the type:
    - PRO-XXX; Encoder PRo + Editor
    - LIT-XXX; Flipclass + Editor
    - KAL-XXX; Kaltura + Editor
    - NFR-XXX; NFR + Editor 
    - EDT-XXX; Editor only!
  • During activation/deactivation contact is made with our license server


  • Make sure your PC is always online when:
  • - deactivating your license
    - activating your license
    - upgrading your software
  • Uninstall P2G licensing application before retiring old hardware
  • Before upgrading or replacing multiple hardware parts in your PC, deactivate your license temporarily, since it might change your hardware profile.
  • Check for correct date-time settings; the software will fail when the date is set in the past.
  • If date-time keeps changing after each reboot, check your CMOS battery! After 4 years you can expect CMOS issues on most PCs
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