Record a weblecture

Making a recording with Presentations 2Go Flipclass is as simple as making a recording with a VCR.


Start a recording by clicking on Record or use the shortcut key combination Ctrl+Alt+F10. While recording, the Stop button will become available. The Record button will change into the Pause button.


You can stop a recording using the Stop button or the shortcut key combination Ctrl+Alt+F10.


During a recording, the Record button changes into the Pause button. You can pause a recording and resume at a later time. You can also use the shortcut key combination Ctrl+Alt+F9.


If you have paused a recording, press Resume continuing recording. You can also use the shortcut key combination Ctrl+Alt+F9.

Capture now

If you want to mark a point in the recording, you can force a new slide using the Capture Now button. This function is also available using the shortcut key combination ctrl+F5.


You can flip your camera vertical orientation, e.g. when using the Lumens DC125 document camera to focus on an image, book or paper.

Change sources

You can change your video and slide source during a recording. You don't even need to pause your recording. The selected sources for video and slides are highlighted in blue. Simply click on a source above or below.

NOTE: The first video source will determine the final output resolution and aspect ratio. 

No Slide

Automatically a slide is captured from the selected slide source when you start a recording. However, in case you do not want slides (yet) you can check No Slide button above the slides preview.

In case you want to enable slide capturing again while recording you can simply uncheck the No Slide feature.

Another case would be making a screencast. Select your screen as video source in on the left side, click No Slide and simply start recording a screencast (check the article about changing recording quality).

NOTE: You can only disable “No Slide” during a recording. You must enable “No Slide” before you start recording.



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