Changing recording quality

The recording quality is influenced by the encoding profile. The encoding profile determines the file size by compressing more or less the input sources. 

Smaller filesize per minute means higher compression. Which results in less quality. The selected source resolution determines the amount of pixels that needs to be compressed in the choosen profile. Large video/camera resolutions result in more data that needs to be fit in the choosen filesize and livestream.

Video resolutions of 640x480 - 800-600 will fit nicely in the default profile and give an acceptable small filesize. However, higher resolutions (or less compression) will benefit from another profile.

Default the application is distributed with the following profiles:


In general you could say 

  • low bitrate_quality_350K: max 320x240 video resolution
  • medium bitrate_quality_750K: max 800x600 video resolution
  • high bitrate_quality_2M: max 1280x720 video resolution
  • very high bitrate_quality_4M: max 1920x1080 video resolution

The screencast profile is a special profile with less frames per second.

Change profile

  • Make sure you are not recording
  • Go to the General in the left menu
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Press Browse behind Windows Media Encoding profile
  • Select a profile
  • Commit changes with Update

NOTE: In case you will be exporting the lectures into single video format for post processing in e.g. Adobe or Cyberlink, you might want to select very high or extreme high to record in high quality.

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