Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update April 2015)

Today (April 23 2015) we release the a new version of Presentations2Go Server. This build supersedes build 5536 released in February 2015.

This build solves issues discovered since the last released build. You will find the release notes below. As always, install all items in the installer.

BEWARE: if you have you databases installed on a remote SQL server, be sure to supply the correct connection information when upgrading the database.

To download this build, login as administrator in your Presentations2Go Server Catalogue and navigate to About and press the “Check for update” button.


Release notes: 4.0.5589.11432

V4.0/P2GServer build v4.0


  • Improve transcoding status page, prevent ajax message on slow or large filesystem.
  • Fix download in Internet Explorer after security update for IE
  • Improve scaling of playlist in player when large number of items
  • Improve email notifications in upload and transcoding.
  • Hide reply option for anonymous questions
  • Fix invalid characters in asset download.
  • Show tags and replies in moderator page
  • Support category search by playlist and virtual asset
  • Fix video size when switching to video only layout
  • Fix duplicate group members in groups
  • Fix 'error null' when creating workflow with expired condition
  • Fix wrong quota size when creating folder
  • Only send storage notifications for uploads and recordings if quota is enabled.
  • Fix favicon for player virtual directory
  • Fix creating schedule without permission(s)
  • Fix schedule without encoder name
  • Change workflow in transcoder to always use _tmp file when available (eg retranscode)
  • Rename filename to original filename when downloading original (instead of _tmp)
  • Increased timeout delay for statistics page
  • Add role "member" for users created in forms authentication mode
  • Hide question and answer when creating users in forms authentication mode
  • Fix advanced search by url
  • Fix tagging bug in html5 player
  • Always set ValidateSerialNumberInDatabase to true in encoderservice so encoders will be listed under Encoders menu in catalogue.
  • Fixes in playlist and virtual assets search
  • Fix encoder requesting quota (when encoder quota is enabled)
  • Fix in Usage Report display when too many lines exists
  • Added favicon upload in general settings
  • User with Configure Metadata permission can also download metadata collection (before only Administrators and superuser)
  • Users with Modify access can also edit 'Show in catalogue'
  • Fix live video playback for 'closed' recordings. Token generation for closed live video was broken.
  • Add advanced search for playlist and virtual asset
  • Fix required fields for upload/edit/save
  • Fix for embed replay attack when using saml authentication
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