Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Encoder and Editor April 2015)

Today (April 23 2015) we release new releases of Presentations2Go Encoder and Editor. These build supersedes Encoder build 5544 and Editor build 5542 released in March 2015.

These builds of encoder and editor use the new license checking mechanism which requires you to reactive the license during upgrade. This means you need an active internet connection to perform the upgrade and activation.

If you don’t have a valid subscription that supports free upgrades of the encoder and editor, you should not install this version. Without a valid subscription that supports major upgrades, your application will not be able to validate after installation and fail to work.

Below you will find the release notes for the encoder and editor.

You will be notified in the encoder and editor application that the new update is available and you can download and install it from there.

This build solves issues discovered since the last released build.

Release notes Encoder 4.0.5589.10792

  • Changed Slide Output resolution override to support automatic aspect ratio
  • Automatically convert old settings in config.xml to new format
  • Ensure a schedule has at least one permission
  • Do not validate empty tagging session if the attribute is not visible
  • Fix bug when checking remote control password that distinguish null and empty string
  • Check whether accessibilty, recordingtype, or subjectarea is null before responding to remote control command

 Releasenotes Editor 4.0.5582.39524

  •  Don't show message box when remote control set metadata with empty title.
  • Add import/export segments feature.
  • Change font from Sanserif to Tahoma
  • If user chooses to save recording first after clicking on one of export buttons (Youtube, etc.), Editor now loads the saved recording before showing export dialog.
  • Show export progress as window title when window is being minimized
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