The following table explains all Editor settings:

Encoder Service Address and Port Number

In case you have access to a Presentations 2Go video server, you can retrieve the complete metadata set each time you start this application. Ask your system administrator for the proper address and port number.

Server Address

The domain name of your Presentions 2Go videoserver.


Use this button to start the server connection wizard.

Metadata Directory

The directory the metadata settings are stored.

Transcoding Profile file

The transcoding profile is used when importing video files. E.g. mpeg, mp4, flash and other files will be transcoded to windows media format using this transcoding profile.

Post Processing Audio Correction

In case your recording is not lipsync you can apply a post processing audio correction.

Metadata Language

The Presentations 2Go video server can support metadata settings in multiple languages. Select the language you want to use when entering metadata.

Application Language

Change the user interface language.


When using an export service you will be redirected to the service website after transcoding is finished. In can update these addresses to point to your own preferred address.


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