Create a richnedia recording from scratch

You can also create a new recording from scratch. The basic ingredients of a RichMedia recording are:

  • video
  • Images

Present yourself in front of your Flip or Webcam and combine this with photographs or an exported PowerPoint presentation.

  • Click New 
  • Select a video of choice

  • Resume with Open

The player requires video in Windows Media format (*.wmv), in case you select another format (avi, mov, mpg etc.) you will be prompted to convert your video to the appropriate format.

  • Confirm with Yes

  • Wait for the transcoding to complete

  • Resume with Return

Now we have imported the video we preview the result in the left window.

NOTE: The quality of the conversion depends on the transcoding profile as set in the settings. You can import other profiles from C:\Program Files (x86)\Presentations 2Go\Presentations 2Go Encoder\Data

By using the plus  and minus  buttons, you can add or remove slides to or from a recording.

 Use the play and pause button to position the video at the appropriate place.

Or use the previous  and next  buttons to navigate through the slides.


  • Click Add slide 
  • Select an image of choice

  • Resume with Open

NOTE:  In case you use the arrows to determine the position, you will be asked to replace the existing slide.

You may add as many images as you like.



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