Publish or Export

After saving a recording, you can publish your new recording to a Presentations 2Go learning video platform with the Presentations 2Go Encoder series, or export the recording into various formats.

Publish with Presentations 2Go Encoder

To publish open the Publish menu and select Jobs. Click Publish and navigate to your recording.


  • Click on . to review and update the metadata and accessibility settings
  • Check the recordings you want to publish
  • Click Publish Selected Videos to publish


During the session the application will remember which recordings have already been published.




Presentations 2Go editor can export your recording into file various formats. 


To export a recording, click on one of the icons in the lower right corner. After you are finished rendering your export file, the browser will redirect you to the service you have chosen.

When you click on the Presentations 2Go icon you will export in Presentations 2Go native Richmedia export format. In case you select one of the other services your presenter and slides will be burned into a single video file.

The following options will be available:

After your file has rendered, select Exit to open the browser with the previous selected service.

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