Search and Filter

Users can search for specific recordings using search queries or predefined filters.


Define a word and/or time range and click on the search button . Use clear to reset you search filter. Your results will automatically show the available filters to refine your search.

 Search options

Share search link

You can share your search results  by simply adding the  query string behind the catalogue link e.g.:

To narrow it down you can also add a time range like:


The filter is another method to find recordings. 

Available filters

  • Use the sign + to expand the available filters. The filters are dynamic and will only appear if there are recordings in the specified category.
  • You can drill down you results using multiple filters.
  • To remove a filter , simply click on it.
  • You can easily show or hide the categories section.

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search option to combine various queries.


  • Click Advanced search
  • Set your search parameters
  • Optionally add additional fields with + and –

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