Presentations2Go Tech-Update (Server update June 2015)

A new release of Presentations2Go Server has been made available for download.

This build supersedes build 5593 released in April 2015. This build solves issues discovered since the last released build. You will find the release notes below.

As always, install all items in the installer.

BEWARE: if you have you databases installed on a remote SQL server, be sure to supply the correct connection information when upgrading the database.

To download this build, login as administrator in your Presentations2Go Server Catalogue and navigate to About and press the “Check for update” button.

Release notes: Build: 4.0.5640.21355

V4.0/P2GServer build v4.0 2015-06-11-5640


  • Use Ajax for statistics pages
  • Improve user matching when using SAML2 authentication and permissions in assets. If more than one user matches, don't update.
  • Log error during "clear recycle bin."
  • Fix empty recycle bin per folder
  • Don't send email after clearing recycle bin if email for admin is empty.
  • Show explanatory message when group can't be found when deleting groups via csv import.
  • Csv group import format to delete groups = groupname,,,delete
  • Change behavior of inherited permissions on root folders not to remove similar entries used in underlying assets.
  • Upload Page status.xml in some rare conditions not created when video is being updated
  • Show loading images on various pages
  • Don't autohide html5 player video control bar if mouse position is on it
  • Fix bug AdvanceSearch for attribute name keywords if using AND NOT
  • Fix Upload page behavior if saml2 session expired.
  • Show progress upload also on bottom of dialog
  • Fix date dialog entry in re-transcode settings responding with invalid date in some rare locale combinations
  • Add ForceHtml5 option in player configuration settings. Does not apply to live broadcasts though which will still use Silverlight.
  • Added server cache of configuration settings of services and website, that will be used if server is restarted while database server is not available.
  • Changed html5 player not to use synchrone xmlhttprequest since chrome no longer supports it.
  • Changed logo and splashscreen scheme to dynamic (http/https)
  • Fix embed dialog not showing when button embed clicked
  • Fix custom image preview for upload
  • Fix update custom image in upload
  • Return preview.jpg via API via &type=preview query parameter.



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