Player freezes or takes long time to load

Richmedia recordings with more than 500 slides might take a long time to load and can even freeze your player.

Too many slides in a recording can be the result of

  1. Very long recordings. We advice to split Richmedia recordings into multiple parts with a maximum duration of 1 hour.
  2. Too sensitive slide caputure settings.
    - This can be caused by disabling "no motion delay" property in the Presentations 2Go encoder. We advise to set this property at 4.
    - High sensitivity like 7 or higher, we advise a value of 6.
  3. Noise on the slide source. This can be caused by
    - cable (too long or defect)
    - shifted input (VGA)
    - wrong frequencies (DVI/HDMI)

The administrator can change the player behavior in the general settings by ignoring too many slides. 


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