Upgrading to Windows 10. Some notes

Will Presentations 2Go Encoder work with Windows 10?

Yes it will but if you are upgrading from Windows 7 there are some things to take into account:

  1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for you capture cards installed. For Datapath that's driver version 7.8 or later (install driver in user mode), for Osprey 260e that's driver version or later.
  2. Make sure you check the power configuration in Windows 10. Beware this setting is user specific. You need to select the High Performance profile and check that in the advanced settings PCI Express Link State Power Management is set to Off.
  3. Check that the default resolution settings for the Datapath card are applied. These settings are stored in the registry. download a zip file with registry settings from here and select the registry file with the desired resolution. This makes sure the card switches to the default resolution when the encoder application is started without a video source active on the datapath card.
  4. When you presentation source flips horizontally or vertically when you start a recording, select another color profile for the datapath Card. Go to Advanced/Source/Stream and select Colorspace YUY2. Als make sure the framerate is set to 25 and "Use Custom Size" is not selected.
  5. Check the audio source. When an audio source is not present when starting a recording, a warning message will appear after 30 seconds notifying that the video file does not grow.
  6. When you start the Encoder application automatically when you startup the Encoder PC, use a scheduled task that runs when the 'user' logs in and add a delay of 60 seconds to allow capture card drivers to initialize. To allow faster startup of the Windows user interface, driver initialization may be delayed during startup causing the driver not to be available for the Encoder application.
  7. Make sure that .Net framework 3.5 is enabled (Programs and Features/Turn Windows Features on or off)


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