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    What is new in version 5


    Presentations 2Go  open video server version 5.x has many new features. 

    • Multibitrate Live streaming
    • Automatic conversion of on-demand (VOD) content into multibitrate streaming content.
    • Dynamic streaming in both HLS and MPEG-DASH format
    • Automatic bitrate optimization in the player
    • End-user track selection
    • Easy to add closed captioning in multiple languages
    • Integrated 360 video player
    • Configurable transcoding profiles and flavors
    • Improved workflow handling
    • Side-by-Side interactive playback support
    • Force camera preset in scheduled recordings
    • Support for hardware recorders e.g. Matrox and Lumens
      - start/stop via Presentations 2Go webinterface
      - schedule recordings via Presentations 2Go webinterface
      - configurable metadata
      - automatic upload and transcoding content into multibitrate streaming content
      - RTMP streaming ingest
      - Convert live RTMP ingest into multibitrate HLS/MPEG-DASH live stream
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